July 17th, 2006



I have this serious shoe problem. I can never keep them in my bedroom.

This morning I tripped over no less than two pairs of my shoes I kick off downstairs. It's a habit of mine, I don't know where it's from, where I'm at when I first get home and thing, "Off with shoes" that's where the shoes lie.

Now my toe hurts. Guess I'll learn.

My kitchen lies in ruins, mostly as Randy went to 99 Ranch last night and discovered their seafood department. It was good, and I had brie, which made me happy. Randy's challenge last night, 'basil, lemon, and cheese' turned into a dessert of basil and lemon gelatos and marscipone sauce with chocolate. The basil gelatto only works if you eat it with the lemon. The marscipone sauce was not pungent enough for the heavy gelatto flavors. And the chocolate suffered much the same fate. So I suggested a lemon sauce with perhaps parmesan cheese or some other slightly heartier flavored cheese. Just something to cut through all the gelatto.

Still, it was interesting, worthy of trout eyeball ice cream. Tee hee, Morimoto.

I've had my toast, off to get dressed and head to the dungeon, I mean the work place.
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It's nice...

To come home after work and have Cookie Monster waiting for me. Course, having an extremely witty and attrative male with Belgian chocolate, wine, and roses would be just as good, but Cookie has the cuteness factor.

It was a very long, VERY boring day at work.

But on the up side, I forgot I could write well. Man I need to put that book idea together on my off year afore trying to get into grad school.
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I need to stop obsessing on this....

So I got word on another bill tonight, one I was expecting at least. Still...I can't win here, it seems. I tried not to get upset about it, but I'm tired I suppose, and I let it get to me. Quit playing Bard's Tale, (of which I'm nearing the end), and instead chose to go upstairs, update Kizelbash, and generally feel sorry for myself as I worry.

Oh, and I had one little chocolate square of Belgian chocolate. Cause I had to do something to feel better and apparantly drinking two bottles of wine alone in my room isn't an option anymore. I swear, I did it ONCE and I'll never live it down.

I swear to God I'm never planning another nice vacation for myself as long as I live if this keeps up. It's inevitable, I plan a vacation, then everything falls about my ears.

I'm sounding pessimistic yes, chalk it up to the bad mood.

I'm more pissed about the fact I work so hard for a pittance is all. Blech.

Next year I'm so looking to apply at DR and work there while getting the grad school sit worked out. It's starting $29K, but hell, that's leaps above what I'm pulling in now.

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