July 16th, 2006


Happy, Happy Birthday Frankie....

You are now as old as ME! Well, for a couple of weeks anyway. Hopefully the COG, kids, and grandkids will do well by you, and you are having a somewhat decent time in Chicago with the father unit. Just a shout out to let you know you are remembered on your birthday!

I am excited, I found a serious bike that I like that is my size! My current bike, which is the one that I inherited from Patric via Dan. Neither one of those young men are small, so its a bit difficult. This bike fits me just right, right size, right feel, and I imagine if I tested it I'd like it as well. It's not bad on price either, it's $450. So another thing to save up for.

But alas, Lumos is coming up, and I'm short money anyway, so the bike will wait till end of summer. The price might drop by then.

The weekend has been pleasant, very nice. Patric and I hung out last evening and he drove me up Angeles Crest Highway, which I never had done before. I didn't realize that Palmdale and Lancaster were so very close to where I live, really just over the mountains. Much faster than the long way around, but more treacherous. Still, the views were amazing, and Mount Wilson was breataking. I literally could see my house from there. It was neat. But I got car sick on the way down, with the change in pressure and the curvy road. I was glad to hit La Canada, else I might have been sick all over Patric's car.

Today was simple, the boys wanted to go to REI, which we did, and as ususal I amused myself. Caught up with Gita and bemoaned the GRE and the medical boards which she is taking in a month. I don't envy her. Took pictures of Randy in a Pink Floyd cow biking jersey as Gita wanted one. I saw the affore mentioned bike. Then after a pleasant lunch of salads the three of us decided to bike, but Patric's tire went flat, so it ended up being Randy and I biking the bike trail in Duarte. No nuns today, I was disappointed. But exercise was had, I was active. Hooray.

So Patric is now back at home, he had a date tonight. And Linda was in a celebratory mood, I suspect the computer Patric lent her has something to do with it. She is so floored by it. So she and Randy are getting clams and other tasty things for supper. Hope they get back soon, I'm a hungry bean. And bored, the house is too quiet.

I want this egg dish that Ina Garten is making. *drool*

God, I'm starving.

Randy is making a weird dish out of some ingredients I threw at him, a sort of challenge to prepare him for his mystery box competition at school. I suppose it's a bit like Iron Chef, only with three ingredients. I threw out basil, Linda suggested lemon, and then I said cheese. He's making shooters out of lemon and basil sorbet and fondue. Interesting and does sound good. So we shall see how it is.

I need a house to havecocktale parties. *sigh*

Must find a munchie till supper arrives.