July 15th, 2006


Good and Bad Day...

Good-I got a slightly naughty breakfast before going to Magic Mountain.
Bad-I had to drive, which I didn't mind so much, but required gas, which for some odd reason I hate bothering with.

Good-We ran into no traffic on the way to Magic Mountain.
Bad-I got a flat tire that I didn't notice till I got to the parking.

Good-We stayed despite the bad tire and the fact I was upset over it.
Bad-We had to leave early to get it fixed.

Good-I had the most fun on all those rides, and we played games, and I got a Cookie Monster and Patric got Oscar the Grouch, and then he also won a moo cow, and we rode the scariest ride ever.
Bad-Patric got slightly green on after riding Dejavu and Cyclone right in a row.

Good-the hamburger I got there.
Bad-the price.

Good-Patric was a manly man and fixed the tire and put on the donut.
Bad-it was fricking hot and dirty.

Good-we got to poke around the Santa Anita mall when we got back and see things, and Patric got a new shirt, and I found the birthday present for Aislynn for her birthday in October.
Bad-I paid to get a new tire so I could fix the flat as my new spare. The new tire cost me $80 that I wasn't planning on, and I have Vegas in two weeks. I'm VERY worried about my money for that trip, and feeling I almost can't do anything fun now at days for fear I will just never have money for it.

Good-Linda bought tasty Italian for dinner last night.
Bad-I can't think of a bad for that.

All in all it was a mixed bag, but I had such a good time at the park, and want to go again to get to the other rides we didn't get too. Weeee.....