June 22nd, 2006



I have this mad love affair with yellow curry. I am nuts over the stuff. Imagine my surprise when the MEXICAN spice section of Pavillions not only carried it, but it tasted just like the stuff I get at all the Chinese restaurants in town. So yeah, looks like it's curry a go-go for me. Weee...

Last night I used some of the luau pork in the curry powder with the onions, peas, carrots, and the dried chilis I add because I love curry melting my eyeballs hot. That with rice, and I was happy as a clam. I think I prefer beef better, it's a more robust flavor for the hot curry, but the pork wasn't so bad. It was a way to use up an item we have tons of at the moment.

I have a plan for our lobster stock. I was thinking an asian soup of some sort, with shrimp, noodles, kale, mushrooms, spring peas, the like. Randy wants Thai red chili past in it, and I'm not oppossed. I like hot. Especially in Asian food. I'm odd that way I suppose.

I'm going to get through all the stuff in our freezer. Now to figure out what to do with the ham in there. I have some rolls leftover from easter, while not great, I might let sit out one day to rise, and let the ham warm slowly in the oven and make ham biscuits with potatoes au gratin. But we also have all these gravies, stocks, you name it, we got it. I will have to figure out ideas for all of those. Looks like some soups in the future.

And fish...cause we got some battered fish to eat too.

And more tater tots than we know what to do with!

And why do we have Rice-a-roni in the house? Seriously, I hardly eat the stuff.

It's past the point of Jenn's frugality now, it's my serious contemplation on where we get so much food we don't eat, when we spend so much at the grocery store. YEESH!

If by summers end it isn't eaten, it's all going to the foot pantry at the Foothill Unity Center. Besides, I need to save up my pennies for Lumos in July and for all my school/graduation stuff coming up. So Rice-a-roni it is.

It's better than my parents 'tuna salad week' to stretch a dollar I suppose.
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There are few nutrisystem soup cups that can't be fixed by a drop or two of spicy Tapatio sauce.

Wow, my eyeballs are melting, WEEEE!
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Buying a house...

So ironically, as I mentioned yesterday I was thinking on buying a house, the roomie brings it up last night while I'm trying to stuff as much Latin into my head as possible. I think the vibe was going off, or maybe I'm so used to Caron/Gita reading my thoughts of late I was sending the Sparkysignal again. In any case, we sort of chatted it up, mostly because, ironically, out of all three of us at my apartment at the moment, I'm the one most financially solvent enough to consider this.

Let me pause while I think on how sad a statement that is.

Anyway, back to it, I did state my big worry about this all is, even if I do graduate and get a spiffen job, within a year I could quite possibly be looking at grad school, and lord knows where I'll end up. Ideally I'd love UCLA, but I might apply elsewhere. And grad students are known for being able to afford mortgage payments. On top of which I want to study classic/ancient history, which means that I'm jetting off to the Med at some point poking at things with sticks and hoping I get government funding, not painting and redecorating a house. I'd get no chance to live there, let alone pay for it.

But then the ideas was brought up that it could be investment. I rent out the house while I'm away, and use the rent to pay for the mortgage. In turn, I make sure to rent it to friends who treat it nice, and make sure in the contract that it stipulates that at any point I can come and reclaim the house if I so chose, with appropriate warnings of course. So there is that to consider.

To be honest, I'd love to own a house, (I've always wanted one of those fixer up places so that I can have an excuse to go to Home Depot and look like I know what I'm talking about). But I make $22K right now at my job. I have the potential of making $30+ come next June, but then there is grad school...and god, how bad I would love to go. I have no guarantee I can get in, but I'd love to go. And this gets to the huge crux, the massive debate in my life. Do I settle down and lead a pleasant life or do I spend the next six years slogging through grad school and barely making it like I am now?

Both sound very appealing, but I don't know if I can compromise the two ideas together. After all, I'll be doing in my 30's what most people do in their 20's. ANd it might nix every chance and hope I have of husband, children, home, and general steadiness in my life for one of...well only slightly better than what I got now. But how rewarding would it be to be doing something I love rather than I only somewhat tolerate? *sigh*

The quandary of the modern era. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is thinking this.

Anyway, the point is all theoretical anyway, while I might get low income funding, I have student loan debt out the wazoo, and a checkered enough credit history to make any loan officer leery of giving me more money. And while I could find co-signers for a loan, the fact that I couldn't guarantee a steady enough income for a mortgage payment makes me very leery on the idea.

But I'd love a place that wasn't filled to the brim with papers, boxes, and clutter.

Well, it's nice to dream, isn't it?