June 8th, 2006


When it rains....

I sent this frantic email to Patric this mornings...poor guy puts up with so much from me.

I was up till 2 AM this morning trying to work on my paper, I got up, I made changes, and I tried to print. First the printer jammed, then it ran out of toner. So I emailed it to myself at work. Then realized I sent the wrong damn file. So it's still on my laptop, and I can't print it out here because I have no wireless connection to even email it to myself. So I have to wait to get to school, get to the library, email it to myself, then print it on the school computer, so I can have it.

All this has also made me an hour late for work.

Then my car oil light keeps bleeping on when I start the car, it bleeps off again, but I know I need to take it in for an oil change. And I can't afford that, and I can't afford the realignment, and it's nearly undrivable, and I'm tired, and I don't feel good, and I want to cry.

Sorry, I had to rain on someones parade today....

Yeah...so you see the mental state I am in.
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