June 6th, 2006



It's never a reassuring note when working on a major research paper when someone said in this teachers previous class they worked their ass off and only got a C.

Panic, panic, panic, panic.

I'm doing major change in my paper number THREE, and hopefully will be getting it done sometime tonight. I think this is last major change for the paper. Now to find victims, I mean volunteers to read it through for me and see that it makes sense. I also need to read through and make the changes I wish ot make. It will be done tomorrow night so that I can turn it in on Thursday.

I suppose i better just get used to the idea of a C now, in case the invevitable happens. Blah....

A politically incorrect conversation..

Mind you, the conversation I'm having is with two Hispanic males, and neither were particularly offended. Sorry if you are.

Manager type: Do you code Spanish.
Me: *snort* I know one conversation in Spanish.
Manager: The won't pay the extra money to translate this.
Me: Well, since we are part time now, and our jobs so insignificant, maybe they can hire some part time Hispanic workers around here.
Co-worker: *snorts* Illegal day laborers.
Manager: Yeah, I'll go down to the Home Depot and convince them.
Me: Have **** (the big coding manager) try to do it. (He's a white guy from the Midwest)
Manager: *snort* No, they'd listen to me.
Me: I still say it would be funny to make **** do it.
Co-worker: We'd have to train them how to code, though.
Manager: No we don't, don't you know you just press a button!

Yeah, people at my work aren't bitter or anything. God, we are all scrambling to get out of here.
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