August 9th, 2005


Cheesy Romance novels...

OK, there is something fantastically satisfying about a good cheesy romance. Especially when one isn't feeling good. You feel good because for a moment fairy tales do seem to come true, at least to these impossibly hot women with very troubled lives. Sadly for us dumpy women with troubled lives, not so much. I'm working on that.

Anywho, when I was younger I was big into the cheesey, bodice rippers, mostly as they were all I had easily accessible living in small town Missouri. I got out of the habit years ago, mostly as I had a wider variety left to me here in LA, but once in a while I pick one up when I feel fizzle brained or down. They are silly, fluffy, fun, and hell, I've considered more than once taking up the writing of one for extra cash while in school. Believe me, with all the student loan money I have, I'll need it. Still, my problem is execution. Even cheesy romances are tough to write, and I usually get bored before too long.

So, any ideas on an absolutely outrageous story plot for one of these racy, bad boys. *snort*

Am most put out that in looking over my bank statement 24 hour Fitness and Lycos are taking out money on accounts I cancelled ages ago. Wonder if I can just get the bank to stop payments. Maybe? I'll talk to them. This is annoying.
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