July 18th, 2005


Oh My Bob...

Yeah, well that sums it up. I have my book. I'm giddy. There you go.

I will have a lengthy review of it over the next several LJ sessions, as I finish the book. I'll cut those entries so that if you haven't read it, I'm not ruining anything for you.

But...the trial and tribulation of Jennifer Kathaleen Wolfe in getting her book.

First of, on Friday I posted that the book wasn't going to my house. I went by the Pasadena addie to get them to let me have it when it came in. After work I stopped by again, confirmed it with them, and they were cool with it. I went home on Friday night satisfied that I would be receiving said book.

That night I went out with Randy and Murphy to the Russian Teahouse. We had caviar and champagne and various desserts. Much tasty fun. Then went to Borders to see all the little kids lined up for Half-blood Prince. Again fun. Was satisfied I would receive book the next day. Went home pretty pleased.

Saturday arrives. I go to farmer's market. I make dishes for Murphy's party that night, (Joe's Italian Salsa and my own basil/walnut pesto, with tomato and garlic bruscetta). It's 3 o'clock. Book should be at my old house. I decided to go fetch it. I drove the long way, through Sierra Madre to go get it. I arrive, no one and no box was at my place. Figuring it was late, I went down the hill to the shopping center to do a bit of shopping at Ross. I did pick up a few cute items, had a drink at Starbucks, red the reviews of the book in the paper, and was anxious to get my hands on it. I returned up the hill, (after suffering a rather rude cussing out by an idiot in a Volvo), and knocked on the door, waiting with anticipation for my book. The husband answered, and told me...

No book. None, nothing had arrived. Heartbroken, I left, wondering what to do. I had guaranteed delivery, guaranteed! Angry, I returned home and called Randy in a high dungeon. Randy, besides being one of my best friends, is also really adept at dealing with Jenn in high dungeon. He is in Orange Co. with friends. He decided to do a quick search to find where I could get it cheap. Target by my house had it for cheaper than I had ordered it at Amazon on Dec. 21st. So into my car I got, drove down to Target, and picked up my much anticipated and long awaited book.

As of this morning, the other book still has not arrived.

When it does, I'm shipping it back to Amazon for a refund. And next book, I'm waiting to buy it the day of rather than this ordering crap.

Not that I won't patronize Amazon, I will, but not for HP books.

So I'm satiated, I'm pleased, my book is in my hands, and all is right with the world for today. I'm not focusing on my job woes or my school frustrations, (btw: does Kinko's still do passport photos, I need one for my UCLA ID). I'm not focusing on the fact I don't know what to do for my upcoming birthday. I'm focusing on Harry, his friends, and the sixth year of a bunch of imaginary people at an imaginary school, who have angst and woe just like I do.

Ahhh, my life is good today.
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