January 30th, 2005


San Diego fun...

I have a new restuarant in West Covina I must go to, a SUSHI BUFFET. I tried it's counterpart down here. Tee hee!

Anywho, game just finished, good time had by all. Being the newbie, I didn't get to do much but ask lots of pointed questions, but it was fun besides. Lot's of Asian overtones, which is different. Many know that Asian history and whatnot is usually the last on my lists of interest, but I'm at least partial ot Japanese, so I'm not completely SOL here. Some of the aspects are a little different, but the city reminds me a lot of Vancouver, except if it were in SF, and set 200 years in the future. Pretty cool actually.

Trying to tone down the inante Tremere snottiness, however. LOL Dealing with magey folk, don't want to agitate them, just doing what my Lords want, stay the hell out of peoples hair. *grin*

So anyway, the Wild Animal Park was fun, have a picture of me with birds, atypical, I hate it, but Reece and Dave liked it, so we went with it. Knowing Patric he'll scan it and have it flash on his 'puter for the world to see. I'll send it to Mom, so she can look at that along with the plethora of other bad pics I've sent her to show Springfield their native daughter. I think half the city workers there know about me, thank goodness the woman doesn't have baby photos. Gees. Last thing I need is strangers seeing my naked baby ass.

"Look, there her with that cute little dimple on her bottom. I think she still has it!"

People wonder why I am so neurotic.

Had world's weirdest conversation with Mom about how she loves babies and being pregnant. Realized my mother was a sick woman with a mad obsession, hence why I'm nearly 30 with siblings younger than 10. She actually told me she enjoyed pregnancy. She should, she was pregant NINE times! But still, I hear it from women out here, how tiring it is, how stressful, and while they are glad for their children, it was not a fun experience. I don't know, I think I could have understood her saying she enjoyed hemeroids more than that, but you know, my mom has always had this weird delusion about wanting to be a cross between Martha Stewart, June Clever, and the old woman in a shoe. She's like some sick, deranged by-product of Cold War woman hood. I don't think Woman's lib ever happened to Mom, and if it did she had resented it ever since.

Not that there is a single thing wrong with a housewife, there isn't, my Mom just has some rather strange ideas about what it all involves. I honestly think she believes it is all June Cleaver like, and she can have that fancy home like she sees in her magazines with a 21, 13, 9, and 6 year old around. Beth's a slob, David doesn't understand anything that isn't in video game format, Tommy refuses to do anything unless he feels like it, and Carl doesn't understand that you can't color on the walls. The woman can't stay up past ten, and has never been known to be the kind of person who sticks with anything for long durations if it has a modicum of difficulty. So as you can see, I sort of doubt that this would work.

I love my mother, but she's as flighty as a feather and about as focused as a lightbulb in a sunlit room.

So anywho, Caron-bean, J&R are great, I wish you were here, sushi and Phil's lovely, you'd like Dave.

Frankie-I got mentioned in your LJ, huzzah!

J&R-you've both been so wonderful, tee hee! Am much enjoying myself, don't worry that I'm quiet, I'm like that all the time.

Patric-your gamer stories proceed you! You really do give me the best gaming fodder.

Dan-buck up, life will be good again!

Night all, and see you all again tomorrow!
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Strange dreams....

It's been a long time since I had a prohpetic dream...creepy.

Not that I share these things, else other people look at me funny or start wanting to share crystal up the butt experiences and tell me about their third cousin who is a medium. I personally an not insane nor am I a New Age freak. But I do have them.

It's just been eight or nine years since I had the last one.

I've predicted a classmates death two years before it happened. I've predicted several of the people I would meet, though I didn't know it was them. I've forseen events, even Jay's wedding, I saw years before it ever happened. Not all the bits and pieces come out clear, and often I wonder if it isn't just me recalling similar dream events that don't have anything to do with the event I thought I predicted, it was just coincedence. I like to believe that it's just coincedence most of the time. The idea of having what my mother and brother like to think of as some strange remenant of my Celtic heritage seems a bit on the stupid notion for me.

As much as practical me doesn't believe in this shit, I can't help knowing what I know. And it's been a long ass time since I had one of those. I stopped wanting to have them, I stopped believing in them, mostly because of my practical nature, and partly because I was so stressed. I think perhaps I was afraid too. Who knows. But I had one today, I haven't had one in a while. And I always know the difference between it and a regular dream, a chaotic jumble of images. And that's why I'm spooked.

Could just be the strange environment, my body hates sleeping in something that is foriegn. Hmmmm....

So I finally had to turn on a fan at J&R to get to sleep last night, isn't that weird. Maybe that accounts for it all.

Whatever the situation, I'm unsettled.
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