June 9th, 2004


Salve, mihi nomen est.....

So my Latin final was last night, and I've concluded a year of foriegn language study. OMG, I'm not joking.

Let's just say English is my first and only language. But if you leave me alone with Latin long enough, I get the gist. Hell, it's helped my Spanish, rudimentary at best, immensely.

Of course, that is assuming that you believe what the speak in LA is Spanish. I had a Spanish teacher in college who ranted on the Spanish she heard used from someone in LA once, ranted for fifteen minutes. Course, this is also the same woman who was infamous for tipping people out of desks and throwing things at peoples heads if they fell asleep in class.

But without her we would have never learned that Melita is Melissa in Greek...or something like that. Ahhhh...Mel Mel...

Anyway, I've never been good with the foreign languages, part of it is because we as a culture believe that for some inane reason children must learn English before they learn Spanish. THis is not true, as children have a much easier time learning foreign languages when young than old. I'm prime example of this, as I could never grasp the syntax of spoken word because I had never grown up with anything buy English. So to ask me to just randomly say something I haven't had beaten into my skull is pretty pointless.

At least I can ask for the price, time, and bathroom in Spanish still...

But the other reason is that frankly...grammar bores me, always has. I've only gotten better at it from reading insane amounts of books and picking up proper sentence structure from observing how other authors write. As you can tell sometimes I still get it wrong, but then this is my LiveJournal, and I'm lucky to even be writing in coherant thoughts let alone whole sentences. I don't even spell check this thing, else I'd pick up on some of my more interesting word choices....and yes, if you wonder, I do know the difference, I just can't fix it once it posted thanks to our firewalls. Bitches.

So you can imagine how trying to learn grammar in a language that I don't speak or read natively could bore me. In Latin it drove me nigh unto insanity. Whose bright idea was it anyway to mix these fucking words up to begin with, and THEN give you a bagillion and one declensions and modifications to a fucking word in order to get your point across. God damn it, it's like playing with something you see on late night tv, it slices, it dices, it makes chilean fries AND it indicates Ablative of Time! Blargh.

Ehhhh....what can I say.

Well, I did OK, that's all I'll say, and given some practice and a little use of the language, I might even be able to read it better in the years to come, and write it even. I'll never be able to speak it sadly, I don't think. But I made it through two semesters worth of Latin, and that's important to me. Perhaps someday I can even put it to good use.
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