April 2nd, 2004


My house smells like fish stew...

And boy does it smell nice and yummy. Mmmmmm...

I was a bit sad last night, realizing how tired I was and how my life has sort of degenerated to me not having the energy to do anything anymore. I thought twice about driving over to see people because I was painfully lonely at home, and I couldn't muster up the energy to go anywhere. Well, that and gas prices are making me not want to drive anywhere I don't have to. The problem of being broke is you can't fill up your car whenever you want, especially when prices are as ridiculi as these are.

I don't know, I wonder if something isn't up physically that's wearing me out so bad.

Really, what is it I do? I work all day at a market research firm doing data coding. I read peoples responses to prompts, and then try to decipher what they say. This requires perhaps a small corner of my brain, but nothing major. So nothing mentally taxing here. Then I go to school on some nights, and while that is much more mentally taxing, I'm usually so tired by the time I get there, I'm not paying half the attention I should. But what in the world do I do that makes me sooooo tired.

Seriously, I went home the other night, ate some dinner, and dozed while watching television. I'm 26, I shouldn't be doing things like that.

And it's not like I don't get sleep at night. Usually I get in the full seven hours or so, perhaps eight, but I still wake up in the morning tired. Last Sunday, I slept most of the day, so Monday was the first day I felt refreshed in forever.

THis isn't a good sign.

Perhaps it's hormones, perhaps it's stress, perhaps I'm just blisteringly neurotic. I suppose I do need to go see the GP for my BP again, I might as well ask. Maybe all I need is a good vitamin supplement and some allergy meds. Till then, I'll just yawn complacently and wish I was home in my warm, nummy bed.
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Lunch with Randy...

It's nice having a car. I get to go run and have lunch with my much more monetarily sound friend. Even nicer, he bought. I feel guilty about this, but he is a sweetie and wouldn't eat in front of me. I need to make up to him the kindnesses he's shown since my finances took a vacation in Washington.

So we got to discussing Fair. Why? Well he and his girlfriend Heather have worked fair for a couple of years, she's done it forever, he's still rather new to it. I've never been to Southern Fair, mainly...well because I heard it sucked. Not like a little, like a bunch of horny, debauched, sweety, geeky sort of suck. The kind of suck that makes even the most hard core of LARPer gamer dorks laugh and say, "yeah, at least we aren't them..." Well, at least the gamer dorks who aren't Ren Fairies.

My friends in Kansas City work fair, and I've found nothing wrong with this. Why? Because they work a respectable, high quality, well known fair, and they work hard at it. Sure it's fun, there are the occasional 'tete'a' tete's' going on, and I've heard of more than a couple hinky things. (And if I ever catch a hold of that man....) But for the most part, it is worlds above and beyond any fair that is out here that I've heard of...save Northern Fair which I believe is closed. The crafts are fantastic, the shows are wonderful, the events are lots of fun, and the entertainment is practices, skilled, and always know what they are doing. Add to it a permanent sight that is well maintained and looks somewhat like some village in the middle of England, the themed weekends, and oh hell, the men in kilts...mmmm, yummy, it's just a much better production put on.

I find it so sad that in Southern California, the home of the entertainment industry, they can't seem to put on a show with near as much skill as a fair in fucking Kansas City, Missouri. (OK, so the sight is in Kansas, technicalities) What is up with this?

From what Randy says, part of it is management. The fact is they have idiots with thumbs up their noses who can't manage their way out of a wet paper bag. They stick the sight out in the middle of a desert that frequently gets burned when mountain fires occur, their sight goes to pot whenever they aren't using it, they can't seem to manage funds to save their life, their advertising and promotions suck, and they can't get good crafts or entertainment there if they bribed them. How sad? Why is it they let people that idiotin' run the thing anyway. By the sound of things, they'll close Southern Fair too soon, lack of funds. I've never been, I will this year, but to be honest, it's no shocker to me why they aren't making money. The place is a mess.

I think some group out here should go to some of the good fairs out east, get a tip or two. Then come back and put on a good set up out here, a worthwhile one. It's a pity and a shame, there are so many talented people out here who could work them, why not utilize the pool of craft and skill out here, and not turn the even into RenoDisney?

Because they are Southern Californians, I suppose, reality is whatever you want to make it. *sigh*
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