March 31st, 2004


Word of advice...

So I have decided to take Copperdragonfly's advice, and in a year when I get my degree, take that piece of paper and run, baby, run.

So while I suspected it and expected it, I knew that there would be a promotion I wouldn't be asked about, the reasons were numerous. While I wasn't terribly offended by this, being that I wasn't terribly keen on the work of the new position, it was about the money for me. I am in desperate need of something with more money, and while the benefits are nice, I can't even pay for my dental work with the insurance I have because I don't make enough for my co-pay for having two wisdom teeth out. Sad, but true.

I've been at the company almost five years, and I'm getting pittance and getting no where, and I know it.

I am a quiet person, I do my work and anything else you ask me, and sure, I'm surfing the net at times, and goofing off. The job is mind numbingly boring, to the point I can't believe I've stayed this long. The school keeps me here, but even if I get into Cal St. Fullerton or UCLA right off the bat, (both have waiting lists last I heard), I couldn't continue working here full time anyway. I'm not shooting here to climb the ladder of DR success. I'm just trying to get my AA and get the hell out of Dodge.

I wish I could get emergency credentials in the state of CA with the AA, I could in MO. Then I could just teach and go to school, (I hate teaching in public schools, but it's better than what I'm doing now), and I could get assistance in the rest of my degrees. But alas, I don't think it works that way.

Just anything that pays me more at this point would be great.

I don't know, I think the real annoyance is that I've been here this long, and I'm not even a senior coder, I get paid squat, and I'm yelled at for things I see more senior people doing all the time. All I'm here to do is get my work done and go home. Perhaps that's why....ehhh, hate being a team player.

Besides, I want to teach at a college anyway. Can't do that coding data for a marketing research firm.
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Feeling more optimistic...

Why, I'm not sure. Debts still there, squatters still in house, still hate my job, school is still stressful, but for some reason the last two days I've been feeling much more up about things.

Perhaps the crushing weight of no money as well as the endless intermity of my education seem to have grown bright lights at the ends of the tunnel. Perhaps...

Really thou I've been much more cheerful about things. Must be because it's spring. The sunshine and warmth puts be back in a good mood.

Hopes this good mood thing sticks, because I'm REALLY tired of feeling like I'm under the shit pile of the world.
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