March 10th, 2004


Converstations with an eight year old...

Tommy, my youngest full brother, turned eight on Monday. Tommy is also a fae child who sometimes has a hard time coping with mundane life. Now, by the time I got home, settled, had something to eat, and could talk to young Thomas, it was seven our time, which is his bed time back in Missouri. I called anyway on the off chance the munchkin was up.

First he was asleep, then he wasn't, and then he got on the phone with me. I told him I wanted to wish him a happy birthday.

"Yeah, OK, but you have to promise me..." he said in his oh so grave voice, "promise me that you won't come over tonight, you need to stay home and get some rest. It's bed time and you need some sleep."

Kinda hard when I live half a country away from him.

Trying not to laugh at him, I agreed, and told him I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday"

His response in the impatient maturity of childhood, "Well then say it!"

Which I did, and he said goodbye and ran back off to bed.

He's such a strange child, and I'm delighted he is. But he really makes me laugh sometimes...Tommy sort of lives in his own little world.
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A personal angst gripe, sorry for the bitch...

I am being harrassed by my credit card company because my card comes due at the end of the month. I still have a huge balance on it, though I've knocked off some three hundred dollars from the original I put on there, the one my parents racked up. I don't know what they are going to do or make me do about the rest, whether they will allow me to keep making payments, or whether they want the bulk now, but it just is plane that I don't have it. Don't, don't, I'm paying all I got at the moment, and it's still not enough. I'm drained dry, no more money, I'm asking parents for money to eat with, and now this.

At this rate, I'll be living out of my car soon because I can't afford rent! AUUUGHHHH!!!

OK, sorry about the angst guys, usually try to avoid that.
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