January 23rd, 2004



I didn't pass...but it wasn't that bad. Three things, two of them minor, only one major, and that was it. No biggie. Sadly, it was the major thing that got me, but ehhh. At least she didn't stop the test, she took me around, had a lot of good to say about most of it.

Things I need to do:

Fix my car, John's didn't have power steering and the turns were a big issue because I wasn't strong enough to turn his car.

Work on parallel parking so I don't feel like a goon.

Not be so nervous.

THat's it. Not so bad, but I feel over all positive, even if I'm a little meepy. I know few people who pass the first time, and I got the worst of it over with, now we will be much calmer the second.

*yawn* So sleep. Bedtime now.
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So I gots "Vampire by Gaslight" for LARP.

I heard a nasty rumor that Azuli has a thanks in the credits of that one. (I haven't looked yet...) *giggle* Just proof that people I know are bigger geeks than me. LOL

So yeah, I ooohhhed, I awwweeed, I critized the Toreador chic who looked like she was wearing a flower sack, and then giggled madly over the WoD in the back, only to be agimitated by the San Francisco background as that breaks from previous canon set out in earlier books.

*sigh* White Wolf, you guys can't ever get your background story straight.

Ahhh, if only I could redo some of the cities in my World of Darkness. *sniff* Ahhh well, one of these days I'll redo it all for my own edification I suppose. Because, I am a geek.

I've considered though working up a manual for Southern Lords, RegentSabbat suggested it, and as I love playing with Southern Lords if given the chance, I might make one up for me. Hmmmmm...

Man, I love geeking, but why do they have to take away my GAME!!!!!!!


Anyway, I'll quit embarrassing myself now, because my geekiness is just amazing me.
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