December 3rd, 2003


I won't ever do this for anyone else...

So RegentSabbat's dinner went off last night, he seemed much happier than I expected him to be. Certain things certainly seemed to help. Anyway, today I'm tired and more than a little frazzled, and rather on the down low as spirits sort of go.

Planning events was never my forte, I hated doing it. I find event planning sort of pointless, like herding cats with a wet noodle. People sort of look at you with blank stares, and you know they are perfectly logical adults. The moment they realize there is an event, they become blithering idiots.

Hence why when I want to help in organizing events, I leave the organizing to someone else, I'll work on the stupid details, like party favors. Or food. Or whatever stupid little item that I can personally control and know will turn out well. Human stupidity, that I can't.

THere are certain things in life I will never be able to convince people to do:

1) Give me money for anything. It doesn't matter if it's for me, for the homeless guy on the corner, or for someone else's gift, it isn't going to happen. Part of this is my years of hating to ask people for money makes it more than a little difficult for me, part of this is because I don't bully people into it.
2) Convince people to come to an event for someone just because. Unless I have booze, when I have booze, they will come a runnin'.
3) Keep my temper when people forget times, don't bother informing me they will be late/won't be showing up, or blow me off because they can. This I can't abide.

Hence why I should never be a LARP storyteller alone. I need the other guy to help keep the calm while I just manage the story. I can manage the story, the story won't do something STUPID.

When I was in high school, I was in marching band. My senior year, I got to be drum majorette. This was a feet in and of itself, and managing these 11-17 year olds more than drove me nuts. One day I snapped. I went from drum majorette to head football coach, so much so that when several students approached my brother to get me to settle down, he laughed at them and told them that they were the assholes who pissed me off, ain't no way he was going to get involved. Jay knew me well however. *grin*

I have no patience with minor things with which I have no control. In future, I will not plan a single thing without someone with a better temper than mine there to help smooth things over. Otherwise I'll have a nervous breakdown.
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