November 19th, 2003


Sorry Copperdragonfly...

I've been talked into running my Memphis game as a TT game so I can get some actual live, person to person STing in. Anyone interested? LOL

For those of you who haven't heard my Memphis game concept, it is Memphis circa 1933, Great Depression, a city caught in between the Camarilla and Southern Lord led Anarchs, (ok, Giovanni Southern Lords, but they are Dunsirns, you can't get better than Scottish Cannibals.)

I'll work out the details over Christmas, but I warn you, this is a game specifically to edify my need to become a halfway decent storyteller, but if I have an interested friend or two who'd be willing to come to my house and play, feel free.

And as for Copperdragonfly...I might still run it online, just for you.
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