November 5th, 2003


Just notes...

Too prove I'm still alive...not thoughts of wisdom today, like I normally like to muse on, this is just an update as I'm too busy at the moment to really to right what I normally like.

1) Work is extremely busy, have put in a month's worth of 50 hours weeks and looking forward to more.
2) School is busy as well, just finishing Midterms, recieved A's on both the Math and Latin Midterm, and an A on my first English paper. Just took the Midterm for English, which I sort of half assed, but I suspect I'll do well this semester anyway.
3) Have successfully gotten over my nasty cold.
4) Have managed not to wreck the roomies car, despite a near thing on Monday night. Thanks goodness.
5) Have learned how to pump gas. I'm 26 and have never done it before.
6) Am teaching Jaenanda how to cook this weekend. God save my kitchen. However, it did survive Randy cooking in it.
7) Am jonesing for game. If RegentSabbat doesn't start doing it again, Janenanda has decided I should run it. Don't really want to run another after the Viaticum fiasco, but am considering it if others are interested. Just what I need, another whole in my freaking head.
8) Registering for winter and fall classes, Fencing anyone? Only if I can work it around Latin 2.

So that's it, I know, this breaks my rules of doing just stupid updates on this thing, but as it might be days again before I have enough time to post, I thought I'd take my chances now. I'm alive, I'm ok, I'm not sane, but if I can make it to my Dad's for Christmas with my mind somewhat intact, I'll be doing good.

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