October 29th, 2003


Fires and illness...

The smoke, the stress, and school have combined to make me sick. Damn the illness gods.

I'm not a huge fan of illness, in fact my philosophy in the past was 'if you ignore it, it will go away'. When this ended up with my ass in the hospital with pnuemonia right before Christmas, I learned that this is the stupidest thing one can do when ill.

But I sang the best recital I ever did while sick with that thing, so you know...I'm joking.

Cold's are my favorite, though flu's are common with me as well. I rarely ever get stomach flu, unless it's rampaging through an area like the plague, but at least every Christmas and once a semster I'm plagued with some sort of death like symtpoms. Most of them involve the watery eyes, itchy ears, and stuffy nose. Once in a while my asthmatic lungs are filled with flem, and these are most serious, as I have a propensity for getting pnuemonia over and over if I'm not careful. Twice was enough, plenty in fact. I shall be good and watch out for the symptoms like a hawk.

And even worse, I hate BEING sick. Sick means that I'm in bed all day, watching REALLY bad daytime television, feeling guilty that someone at work is doing my job, and wondering if I should call and have them e-mail data to me to work on from bed. My work likes to instill this deep rooted sense of guilt if someone else has to pick up the slack for you. LOL On top of that, I feel icky, which I hate, and I always want to have someone around to take care of me, but as my family is 1700 miles away, and my friends assume I'm self sufficient, (and don't want to be plagued themselves), I'm stuck alone, feeling miserable, lonely, and depressed, and being too sick to do anything about it.

Aren't I pathetic.

Sickness sucks, and I may as well nip this one in the bud before it runs away on me. I have my pack of Sudafed, my package of cough drops, my aspirin, my orange juice, and some Kleenex for good measure. I'm set, ready, and I dare the cold that will knock me down at the point.

At least wait till after finals so that I don't have to miss ANYMORE school?
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