October 13th, 2003


Football goodness...

OK, I've been rather busy of late, and this has cut in on my football watching time, but last weekend made up for it by the sheer joy I felt over my favorite two teams.

I was most dissappointed in Mizzou after their loss to Kansas. After all, Mizzou fans have been DYING for a winning team now for years, and have almost hit the mark on several occasions, but not gotten close enough. The occasional trouncing of archrival Kansas and the hopeful comment, "well, at least we don't suck as bad as Iowa St." are all that Tiger fans really had to look forward to each season. Granted, when Devon played, they made a couple of Bowl appearances that were forgettable at best, but I had always had a soft spot in my heart for my Missouri Tigers. I knew people who played on the team, many of my high school classmates attended there, I went to umpteen Homecoming parades and games in high school while in band, I have a deep and abiding affection for Missouri football. Basketball too, but that's always been the stronger of the two programs, to have an outstanding football team to Mizzou fans would be as good as it being Christmas in July.

Now, I also have loved Big Eight/Twelve football. Of all the teams I would root for first, it would be the Big Twelve. Consequently, with the rise of Nebraska and Oklahoma, I've been a supporter, (ok, Kansas I'd support in a cold day in hell, but the others I would). When the Husker Nation was riding high in the '90's, I was there, and when the Sooners started their rise in the last four years, I was really proud to point and say, "That's a Big Twelve school." When Oklahoma was in the Rose Bowl last year, I was giddy, and they were who I cheered for loudest at the parade. When Nebraska played at the Rose Bowl the year before, I was standing in Old Town Pasadena waiting on the bus and smiling and congratulating Husker fans all over the place. I was happy that MY midwest football fanatic roots were coming to Pasadena and showing this pansy SoCal fans what the meaning of college 'fan' is. (You ain't seen nothing till you've been to a Nebraska game FILLED with a sea of red and black.

Still, when Nebraska comes into Colombia, I have to go with the black and gold there.

I wasn't expecting much out of Mizzou this week, I was so dissappointed by the Kansas loss that I figured they had fallen apart and wouldn't come back. I wanted to watch the game, but I had guests over, none of them college football fans, and so I was polite and didn't put the game on. My roommate however was watching it upstairs. She came down as Jaenanda and I were busy cutting out pattern pieces for our Halloween costumes and told me that Missouri beat Nebraska. I was floored...literally, I was laying on the floor to begin with. I couldn't believe it. At Faurot Field, the wanky, pathetic Mizzou Tigers beat the Blackshirts of the Husker defense? This couldn't be true. So I turn on ESPN to find out.

Sure enough, my Tigers won in Columbia by twenty points. They hadn't beat Nebraska in 24 years. Number 7 NEBRASKA being beat by a unranked, wanky team who lost two weeks before to an equally wanky unranked team, who had a week off. I was doing the happy dance in my living room.

Of course, my friends, none of whom are college football fans, thought I was nuts. Tee hee.

And then, on Sunday, my Chief's beat Green Bay in overtime too, making it 6 and 0 this season. Undefeated so far. I'm a happy college football fan!
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