October 6th, 2003



Damn you, Quentin, I'm cravingt lamb tacos now. Mmmmm...

This weekend I've delt with a lot of cravings, food and otherwise. I've been trying to be SOOOO good food wise, having lost the ten pounds I had put on, and I'm eargerly trying to lose another ten by Christmas. Yet I've hit a plateau and I'm trying to get past that. Grrr.

But then there are the cravings.

Most of them are the bad kind, you know the high cholesterol, high fat, bad for your blood pressure kinds. I've had mad desires to eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough and brownie swirl frozen yogurt. I've resisted. Or perhaps eating an entire bag of Ghiradelli's carmel and milk choclate squares. Or an entire pot of macaroni and cheese by myself. Those are the insane ones people get when they are particularly craving things.

Then there are the minor ones. I've been wanting protien like no ones business. Meat, beans, nuts, protien, protien, protien. Now usually I do eat quite a bit, as I notice that if I get the slightest deficency I don't react well to it. But lately that's ALL i wanted. And it wasn't like I deprived myself to begin with, but really, I need some fiber in the diet as well, and I don't want it. I wonder what's up with that?

I'd liked to think I was pregenant with Satan's child or something, but I doubt that's a convincing excuse to give to doctors.

And as always, there's my sweets. I've been REALLY good on those, nothing high in fat or sugar, usually if it's sweet it's got the fake stuff in it. It's like living as a diabetic without being one. But my roomie, God bless her, bought some bad stuff cause she heard me complaining about having a sweet tooth. I can't resist anything that involves cream cheese. So I'm trying to be good and eat TINY bits, but it's hard to do that you know. REALLY hard. Grrr. Still, I don't want to hurt her feelings, so I am trying to be good. Ooooohhhhh....

But then there is funnel cake at the Monrovia Family Fun Night. Sorry, I had to be bad.

Being good is hard to do.
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