September 26th, 2003


Just because we are silly...

So Copperdragonfly and I had an idea. This is always scary when we have one of those. What if we had a little website with all the goofy, good, and silly stories people write about supernaturals? IT would amuse me greatly, as I could read the silly stuff that other people write, and simulatneously clean my computer of the silly things I've accumulated over the years.

ANyone got silly stories they want to contribute? Not even silly ones, perhaps serious ones, or ones you loved, but never showed anyone. It would just be for fun of course, and mutual amusement, (and give me something to do with my plethora of free time, she said sarcastically), but let me know if you are interested.

I think initially I will just collect them on a Yahoo group while we work on the whole web domain issue. Besides, I am to lazy to do my own HTML, and I suck at web design, so if anyone has ideas on that let me know.

It's just a silly thing, I know, just for our personal amusement....and we are so easily amused by things.
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