September 17th, 2003


Crime scene...

There was a crime scene three blocks from school this morning. I got to see it all, with the yellow tape and stuff. Nothing much to see really, and I'm not sure what happened, but it covered a whole street. Perhaps it was a stolen vehicle car wreck or something. I don't see many of those.

Since I moved to the Pasadena area I've only seen one crime scene, and that was in El Monte, in a not so nice section of town. It was interesting too, a murder scene and wrecked car in front of a restuarant with a C health department rating, just across the corner where I got off the bus and was offered drugs by a dealer. Hmmmm....needless to say, I've never had that experience living in the Pasadena area. In many ways, I'm still the small town girl who gawks at yellow tape. I thought it was an LA story to tell.

Course mine didn't involve Uzi's in Compton or something like that, but still, crime scenes don't happen in Milan unless it's a hunting accident.
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Thoughts on something silly...

OK, I'm silly enough to admit it, I thought about running an online game.

Reasons: A) I want to gain experience in learning how to craft a story without having the pressures of a LARP, waving hands, keep everyone entertained situation. B) Cause there are few if any decent ones online, I know, I looked. C) Because i have friends very far away who would LOVE to play but can't and want a medium to play in, and I feel sorry for them and listen to their pleas, and take pity on them.

So, one day while chatting with Copperdragonfly, I decided that I needed to run an online game. I was frustrated by the lack of decent ones. What the format was, I wasn't sure, as I've never run one of these, but I'm pretty up on my VtM knowledge, and so I thought it would be interesting. The worst I could do is fail miserably but at least I wouldn't have half the gamer dorks in Southern California hating me. So after much whining, I sat down RegentSabbat to help me flesh out some ideas, (because he can pull plot out of the deep dark abyss thanks to his infernal pact with demons), and I came up with a happy plot for a 1930's, Depression Era game in Memphis. I've picked and worked at it, mainly because work and school have gotten in my way a bit, and I have a ton of fine tuning to do, but I have a general idea of how the story shall go.

Now, the tough part, how do you run one of these sons of bitches. I don't know the first thing about translating any of this to an online setting. I'm a LARPer, honey, if it doesn't involve an interpersonal conversation dealing with how we are undermining the Tremere's influence in the domain, I don't know how to get the point across. How does one get the intensity, feeling, let alone the sheer mechanic, onto an online setting?

This is a bit daunting. What have I done?

Anyone got any ideas. I would love to do this, but sadly I'm a little afraid I don't know what I'm doing.

I can write cities and backgrouns up for you as the day is long. I could have made a living writing city books. But this, I don't know what I'm doing. HELP!

Just cause Copperdragonfly will kill me if I don't get off my ass about this game. *snark*
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