September 16th, 2003


My shoes are trying to kill me...

It's true you know, my shoes are out to get me.

I have these black canvas floppy shoes, they are cute and comfy, and I love them to pieces. I purchased them one day while out with Regentsabbat, and as my old shoes were dying, I purchased these and a pair of canvas ones at Macy's at a clearance sale. This was several months ago. I thought they were rather cute.

If only I knew the truth about them.

The initial wearing of them presented problems. Like all new shoes, they need to be broken in. Now, you would think that a pair of flippy canvas sandals would be rather simple, but these left sore blisters on the balls of both my feet. ANd they were difficult to bike in, as they only have a strap that covers the top of my toes and nothing else. Still, I didn't want to have to carry two pairs of shoes, so I wore them. They broke in and loosened up finally. But then they got TOO loose.

Perhaps it was all the heat, the stress, the weight gain and then subsequent loss that has caused this, perhaps they have minds of their own and they are really just nefarious sons of bitches, but they have been taking off without me ever since. On one occasion I slipped them on to bike to the store real quick. The right shoe came off at the end of my street. Twice now I've been walking at the corner of Colorado and Figueroa and had my shoe fly off as I took a step, only to have my foot connect with dirty cement instead of shoe. THis is usually when I'm attempting to beat the crosswalk I've noticed. And I can't count the number of times my foot has turned in these shoes as the soul moved one way as my foot attempted to step another.

And then there was this morning.

While getting ready this morning, trying to be quiet as not to wake the roomie, I was heading downstairs with my very heavy backback, trying to adjust it on my back as I walked down the narrow steps. I narrowly missed a tumble further up as my foot only barely made the different between two steps, but righting myself, with the backpack on, and these infernal shoes on my feet, my foot slipped out from under me, and me, backpack, and shoes came down hard on the steps.

My ass is still sore from the experience.

So with a much bruised ass, I grabbed my bike, bit back whimpers, and headed out the door, cursing my shoes as I went.

They've been well behaved ever since.

Perhaps they are just mischevious creatures, not realizing how annoying they truly are at times. Maybe they didn't mean for me to fall ass first down the stairs, causing me to make loud noises while my roommate slept at 6 AM.

But personally, I think they are conspiring to kill me. These shoes bear watching.
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