September 11th, 2003


Appearances can be decieving...

While in class last night, this perky little 18 year old asks me if I thought our English Prof was gay. Recalling that he stated he had a girlfriend, I said no. The fact that he has a degree in English poetry, is a rather soft spoken, if a tad foul mouthed, person, and the fact he tends to lean on the podium and wave his hand around limply while making a point did not indicate to me that he was a homosexual. Preturbed by this youngsters presumption that because he wasn't being loud, boisteorus and forceful he had to be gay, I turned around, biting off the retort that popped into my head. Stupid bint.

I have known many effeminant men who were as straight as arrows and I've know some gay men who were so manly they even drank beer and watched football. The perceptions some people have...

Besides, so what if he was. Why in the world should this affect our English class? What would his sexuality have to do one iota with the fact that she couldn't critically read her way through Dick and Jane? I don't know.

I forget how stupid I was at 18. Hell, I'm still stupid. At least I've grown past the, "I wonder if he's gay?" part. GAH!
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I want Spritz....

I have this mad desire for tiny little, funny shaped, brightly colored butter cookies. I have the cookie press...hmmmm. Not good for diet.

I'm considering though doing some hardcore baking in the future, both for holidays and to sell to co-workers for extra cash I desperatly need. Any thoughts? Beshter is worrying over her financial future, (especially about school), and is looking for nifty ways to poke some money aside.

If only education wasn't so expensive.
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