September 8th, 2003


Santa Anita Racetrack...

While passing the racetrack just after sunrise this morning, I thought it was such a pity that here I was in Arcadia and there were no goddamn Changelings running around the racetrack. IF there were, damn them I can't see them. Grrr, those damn Fae.

These 5:30 mornings are killer.
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Freaking headache....

I hate Monday's, particularly ones where the air isn't working and co-workers are pissy.

I'm not happy working at my job and this is a loud and long complaint that I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing. It's a boring, thankless, stressful job in marketing research that pays me dick and gives me headaches. It's no longer even got the fringe benefits of people to hang with, as we don't really even socialize anymore. We work. That's it. And for not enough pay either.

I stick with it because of school. School, my lifelong dream, is my priority, and if I have to work at a job I hate because it will pay for school, let me take off to go to school, not get upset with me because I have to take off for a class or something, that's a job worth having. I could get a better paying, better liked job somewhere, but I can't guarantee I'd be able to work out the school situation. Bitches, it's as if they know how to keep me here.

Today, I had to work on tracking studies, the continuous weekly studies they do for clients. I have four that I work on, two for Chevron, two for Lenscrafters, all due on the same day. I put them off till today because I'm also working on a 900 quota copytest job for Glaxo Wellcome for their drug Imitrex. Not only is it a huge, motherfucking job, it sucks my soul out through my temples. All are due today, all before I have to be at class tonight before 6:15, new book from the bookstore in hand. Beshter isn't a happy bean here.

My data processor for Chevron has been pissy with me all morning, both because she can't explain shit, she's pissy, and because I'm doing five things at once, like usual, and made a common mistake I do when I'm busy. (Copying data to the wrong files, they all have such close file names, it happens when I'm trying to remember what files I coped into what in FUCKING DOS) All I ask is a polite reminder, and some understanding that I'm doing more things than I should because the tracking manager is a fucking git. Then the Project director on the Imitrex hasn't gotten back to me on approvals I sent her Friday night, ones I stayed till nearly seven finishing. I can't close the job today until I get the changes, and it's nearly five in New York where she's at. So I e-mail only to find out that the client wants to check them against files they have from another company who did the same job, and make the frames match. Wonderful. I don't even want to think of those changes. It's now after 5 there, and no word. My head is not happy.

And I still have English tonight. Can I go home NOW!

I keep my mantra, 'Stay in school Jenn, take the lumps, in six years you can get the job you REALLY want."

I need a stress voodoo doll.
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