September 2nd, 2003


5:30 AM is for the birds...

After a long weekend of running around and doing things, I had to get up at 5:30 this morning for my first class of Fall Semester.

I am not a morning person, never have been. As a child I don't remember ever physically waking up till standing at the bus stop waiting to go to school. As a teen I would sleep till the last possible moment, throw clothes on, do hair and make-up, and rush out the door, (sans breakfast, where I started the habit), and college was rife with me sleeping in and skipping morning classes because I couldn't be bothered to get out of my comfy bed. It wasn't till I started working that I developed the habit of getting up on time, all the time, for work, and even then I couldn't be bothered being civil till at least an hour into the experience. Talking, that's not something I like doing in the morning. There are lots of things I do like doing, eating cereal, watching cartoons, drooling, catching the news, perhaps drooling some more, but talking isn't it.

This also means that if you are a morning person, I will inherently hate you. Morning people annoy me because they are the people who wake up with all thrusters firing, and thus believe that everyone else should be that way too. They are delusional people who are so focused on their chipper, sunshine, birds singing little attitude, they forget most normal humans like to get as much REM as they possibly can. They are the type who like to sing their exhileration to the world, and thus get throttled in the process. I secretly believe all morning people are into S&M, thus they delibertly annoy people they are with to get their beat down.

So I got up early this morning. I took a shower last night, (maily because I was covered in beach grime), and thus this morning all I had to do was throw on clothes, do the make up, and pack my bag. I pulled the backpack from it's corner, I stored in the notebook, pencils, 'puter, Palm, cell phone, class schedule, and all the little minutia I seemed to need for school now at days. I quietly made me way through the house to not wake anyone. I grabbed some fruit for breakfast, as I knew I'd be starving by the time I got there. I got out my bike, coasted down the hill at top speed, prayed for an open bike rack on the bus, and headed off. I felt like I was six again, and my parents were handing me my little red lunch box and asking me to pose for my first day of school picture. God, was that really 20 years ago. I was so much cuter back then.

Thankfully, I'm not wearing a white t-shirt with blue hearts on it.

I must admit, there is something to being up and around at that time of morning, it's a lot quieter than when I normally leave, pleasanter in many ways. This seemed to cull much of my grouchy tendencies. I merely yawned, munched on grapes, yawned some more, wished I had a book, took note of when Phantom was playing here so I could sell my soul for tickets, all really nice. None of the late bus, grumpy people, schloads of traffic that I deal with normally. No, I got that when I got out of class. Still, it wasn't so bad.

I'd would still rather be sleeping.

So tonight is my first Latin class, I'm scared to death. I'm horrible with language, miserable, and Latin being the mother of most of my nemisi, (at least I can conjegate, right?), I'm more than a little nervous about it. Still, my parents are impressed, and since an underlying part of me wants to impress them, I'll stick with it, though I'll never be the Frank or Joe level of understanding of it.

Besides, it's a Roman geek, I can learn and be happy. Mmmmm, Rome.....Ancient that's part of the class learning....never mind.

I'm starving again. I need Caeser salad from Ernie's. It's not on a burrito. Mmmmm. Off to work I go.
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On college football...

I love football. I grew up in a football crazy town. Milan High School went to the state playoffs three of my four years there, winning state my junior year. You couldn't escape that town without liking football, you were tarred and feathered for such herecy there.

So it's college football time again, and on Saturday I ensconced myself on the couch to flip through the various games and cheer and scream to my hearts content. I have always preferred college to pro, cause you can love you pro team, but your really obsess over your college team. That's always YOUR team. This being said, here are my thoughts on what I saw, though they aren't extensive or as well thought out as someone who truly understands the game well, (I am a girl after all.)

Missouri v Illinois: Course, I was just thrilled that a Missouri game was on television. It's not often I get to see Mizzou on the screen, let alone ESPN, I think the last time was when Devon was playing, and that was against Ohio St. (They lost.) Anywho, it was the second best game on Saturday, very good, lots of thrilling moments, both teams have a lot going for them and a lot not going for them. The Illinois offense isn't bad, they have a good passing game, their QB is the good, old fashioned type of QB you don't see anymore really. Steady, dependable, they could be a force to deal with in the Big 10. However, they can sometimes be defensively weak, but nothing they can't overcome. THeir offensive running game also tends to get bogged down, they rarelly can do anything but run up the middle. Get a good defense like Ohio St. in there, you are toast. But it is the first game of the season, and well they have some time to work on it. Mizzou, what am I going to do with you. Your QB is your team. Brad Smith is the most phenominal player I've seen on the Tigers since Devon, better even in that he has the arm, he can run the ball and do it well, he's a good all around QB. The offense though has to work on it a bit, I saw so many fumbles, silly misses, and more often then not people just not being available, (which is a credit to Illinois defense, I suppose, but they weren't that great). The defense was great the first quarter, but peetered out the last half. Don't push it so hard the first half of the game guys, it's not won in the first quarter, but it is lost in the last. I think with a little work and polish Missouri will be a team to look at in the Big 12, (FINALLY!) Overall, a great game.

Nebraska v Oklahoma St.: I admit, I'm a Husker fan. While not a part of the Husker Nation, I did live in Omaha one summer, and I love my Big 12 teams, and the Cornhuskers were the force of the conferance for all of the 90's. Still, after last season, they could only go up, and I was impressed with their showing. Not clean football, rather dirty, but it got the job done, and that was what was important. I think they need to do a LOT more work before facing Oklahoma by far, but I think they will be the team to beat in the Big 12 North this next year.

Oklahoma v North Texas: A good game for an opener, Oklahoma did the predictable, they really are a great football team, but I think they were a little lax in this their first game of the season. Perhaps it was their pregame jitters, perhaps it was the confidence of being ranked #1 in all the pre-season polls, but they didn't come off as the spectacular team that they appeared to be last year. Sadly, no Rose Bowl for you this year, (though I loved their band in the parade, Cat and I agreed they had the prettiest flag girl uniforms of all the bands last year, *snark*), I think that perhaps the Sugar Bowl might be in your future, so don't blow it.

Ohio St. v Washington: Wow, Ohio State is good without Maurice Clarett, who'd of thunk? *snark* And their QB, (who's name I can't spell, sorry, so I shall leave it out), true heart and sole of that team, truly talented, proved that his leadership will get Ohio St through the Clarett issue. As for Washington, go kick the NCAA and your administration in the ass and get Rick Neuhaisal back. Getting fired over a neighborhood betting pool on BASKETBALL, that's horseshit. It's clear that his loss has scattered a lot of the focus of the team, and without him, the Huskies have no hope of being contenders in the Pac 10, especially not when they have to face USC.

USC v Auburn: That wasn't a game, that was a bitch slap with a big, black, donkey cock. Auburn was supposed to be the bomb this season, this was supposed to be the stepping stone to a national title. Instead, USC came and pissed on their parade. I like Auburn, I'm still mad at USC for not accepting me four years ago, but you know what, I like good local football, what can I say.

Colorado v Colorado St.: I was watching a thunderstorm where a football game broke out. I think playing ball in that game had to be akin to wresting greased pigs, it had to be schloads of fun. Still, it was a great interestate rivalry, and Colorado's freshman QB will be something to watch in the future.

Virginia Tech v Central Florida: I didn't know there was a Division 1 school in Orlando? And they had such spiffy uniforms. ANd not a bad little team, lots of heart and soul. But Virginia Tech as Randall and Vick, sad to say you were going to get spanked in the end. Good try, but no cigar.

I'm not player, as I said, but it was a great weekend. Mmmmmm, football. I can't wait till next week to see how things will shift around. I just hope Miami gets smacked the hell out of there, they annoy me on so many levels. But bowl time should be good this year. Ahhhh, college football.

Mmmmm, numminess....
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