August 28th, 2003


Things I never needed to hear on television...

While watching something on television last night about how gay/homosexual culture is now effecting popular culture, I had to listen to Jordan Knight, (formly of New Kids on the Block), how he occasionally shaved down his pubic hair to clean it up and how it seemed to add a couple of inches and made him look better hung. And while he's not gay, (which he was accused of for years), he admits that a lot of men do 'gay' things now so they can impress women, because women are attracted to gay men's appearance.

Thankfully, I thought I was going to marry Joe McIntryre when I was 13, and not Jordan. I really don't think I can handle him discussing his schlong on television otherwise.

OK, so I'm all for the gay male invasion into popular culture. Why? Because straight men are slobs. Really, who decided that the key to being a manly man was to wear clothes that can walk by themselves, grow medical fungus in their fridge, and scent their apartment in the aroma of beer, pizza, and uncleaned bathroom? Somewhere along the line, men seemed to have lost the one thing that women will fall all over themselves to get...sophistication.

Remember the era when the big screen icons were men like Carey Grant and Humphrey Bogart. They were manly men who dressed in suites and even in their grimiest state tended to have an aura of sophistication about them. They weren't mindless thugs who scratched their balls in public and sat around amusement parks checking out racks, they at least made it seem that they were above such things, even if they weren't. What happened to the charming and sophisticated male who could sweep a girl off her feet just by acting like an intellegent human being for once instead of...male.

I can't begin to explain how it is a woman's heart starts dropping to her knees when she sees a well dressed man. He can have tattoos and a million piercings, but the fact that he took the attempt to wear something nice and not wear the same old athletic shorts and Raiders t-shirt he's worn since college makes them feel all gooey inside. When they take showers and smell like a human being, it's so nice. Nothing smells nicer than just a man...preferably a clean one. Eeewwwhhh. And not having to be afraid of the Vampire Dust Bunnies from Hell collecting under the couches, and the Chuthulu monster living under the underwear pile makes a woman want to come over to your place more often. Why can't you boys see this? Why must it be explained to you?

I watch to much Queer Eye for my own good.

The sad thing is I hear of men all the time who complain they can't get laid/find a relationship/get a woman to live with them, and they always come off as being the biggest slobs in the world. You suggest a few things to them and they whine, "But it sounds so GAY!" Well you know what, I've been attracted to more gay men than I care to admit, and it's always because they had those qualities that you, the straight guy can't seem to cultivate. It isn't whether you are gay or straight, it's taking pride in who you are and how you look, for Christ sake. In your rabid attempts to preserve your manhood, you have driven away the one thing that you desire to impress...women! Silly, silly men.

To bad we have no Cary Grants anymore. Rumor had it he was gay too, but i think he was probably much more bi. Still, he was a hottie, and man I wish there were more of him around in the world today. Le sigh.
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Feeling the inner tigress...

I'm very protective of my friends, insanely so. I see one getting hurt, and I get rather worked up about it. Perhaps it's just me, but it's the outgrowth of my own clannishness with my family. Call it my Scottish blood, but if you are in my family, you are worth protecting.

Today I had two of my friends pour out their hearts about feeling trapped by the actions of others. I really didn't have a lot of advice to give on the situation, as they are sucky situations to be in period, and ones I've found myself in at some point in time or the other. And like always, I jump to that anger response of "How dare people hurt you, grrr, grrr, grrr."

Ehhh, what can I say, quick to anger, slow to attack.

My temper is one of my worst enemies, especially since it's usually quick and intense, and then dies away to allow reason in. It's almost like being bi-polar really. LOL One minute I'm annoyed, the next I want to reason it through. The years have made me better about it, I've mellowed, but still I can't stand it to see my friends hurt because of other people. It's not fair in my mind, perhaps because I've felt those same barbs and hurts myself.

In reality, there is little I can do to make the situations any better, save be a comforting shoulder and an ear to listen, and I am apparantly good at that. But I feel such incapability to help them at times...and sometimes I don't need to, there's nothing really I can do. But I still have this lingering annoyance at the injustice of the world and the seemingly unfair situation that nothing can be done about. There is that secret part of me that just wishes I could make all the world right, thump people on the head, and make them think straight and see how stupid they are acting.

I want to be a superhero. Yeah. That's what I want to be. With a cape and everything. I secretly wanted to be Wonder Woman as a girl. Sadly, I was a little skinny and flat chested at the time to make a proper one. Gee, them were the days.

I don't know, perhaps I should take my own advice, realize that there are going to be unthinking, uncaring, delusional people in this world who will act out and hurt people, and there is little I can do about it. I should stop stressing myself about it, and should get to the anti-stressing that my doctor told me to do. I shall remember that the problems are really MY issues, and that my friends are big enough people to take care of them themselves. And that no matter how protective I am, I can't save my friends from themselves or the attacks of others.

BUT IT'S SO HARD!!!!! *does the whiney dance*

Anywho, I should stop listening to my friends angst at times, I take it too personally.
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