August 19th, 2003


I really need to stop watching VH1

I watched "I Love the '70's" last night, mainly because I was bored, and it was that or something on the History Channel about Davy Crockett and Daniel Boon, most of which my father has regailed me with the entirity of my life. So I chose instead to watch the cheesy show about the fads of an era I don't even remember.

I was born in 1977, I'm a young'un. I don't remember anything about the decade. The '80's are the decade I remember best, Transformers and Reagan and really bad hair styles. So I thought I would try to understand this strange decade of my birth a little better, since my mother was a teenager during this time. I've always wondered what her strange affinity with David Cassity was. (OK, he was a hotty back in the day.)

I really don't get the 70's. Perhaps because it lacked MTV, had REALLY bad easy listening, and some of the worst clothing styles known to man, but I can tell already that this was not a time period I could have related to. What was with all the rainbow shit anyway? Need I bring up disco?

My mother laughs and tells me that it wasn't that bad. I tacitally point out to her that if she hadn't gotten married and had a child by 20, she would have been a punk rocker. The idea of my mother with green hair and a nose ring is hysterically ironic, but it could have happened. This usually keeps her quiet on the protestations.

Lately, I've noticed many of the 70's styles coming back, hair, clothes, even the lovey, huggy feeling left over from the 60's that young people seemed to have, that tendency to want to get together, hold hands, and sing folk music. Perhaps I would get it if I had been told that hiding under a desk would save me from nuclear fall out, but I grew up in the greed of the 80's, I'm a bitter person.

They say the 70's were the 'Decade of Me', all about access, self-absorption, and partying all night, or something like that. Well isn't that every decade to some extent or the other. We all have that tendency, so can you really label a decade with such a decadent title? Besides, was all that heroine and cocaine usage really an excuse for those clothes, come on. Who thought a flower on the ass of a polyester pant suit was attractive? Gah!

I will never understand the 70's....well, save Led Zepplin and Star Wars, I think I can get those pretty well.
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The crazy lady...

Diagnostic Research is being stalked.

For the last month there has been some strange transient lady who has been trying to get into our offices. I'm not terribly sure why, not many people even know we are here, and if they do, they don't get that we occupy two of the three buildings on the site, and which ones they are. Well, she could get the first one, it does have a big DRI symbol on the front, but mine it's a little harder. So we are a little at a loss as to why this woman keeps trying to pass herself off as an employee here.

The first time, she got in the main building, and managed to find an empty office. She set herself up on the computer on there, was making phone calls, all the rest, and someone noticed her in there, and thought it was odd that someone had taken over the empty office. So they asked her about it, and she said she was a temp hired to work late on a Boeing project. This rang an little funny, as temps aren't hired to work in Projects, only in Operations where I work, and there, only in Data Managment. Besides, Boeing isn't one of our clients. So they went to the Executive Secretary, who investigated, confronted the woman, and then called security to come escort her out. Our 'security', some hire-a-cops who tend to roam the parking lots between my company and Platt College, goes up there, excorts her out, the end. Or so we think...

The next week, she gets into my building, Operations, by saying she's a temp. Since there were some working in Data Managment that week, she was almost let in, till someone thought better of it. So she went to the other building and tried the same story on them. THey recognized her and once again escorted her out.

Then last week, she was seen roaming outside the buildings, once again trying to get in. Her latest incident was today, she got into Operations by saying she had an interview in Coding, my department. We are doing some new hires, and apparantly she heard Donald, our trainer, talking about it while out on smoke break. So she told someone that she was here for an interview in Coding, and they let her in. Now, it's standard procedure that all interviews go to the main building first and we go and get them, so whoever let this woman in was an idiot, especially since we've had this problem for a month. Anyway, she was roaming the building for a while till she was spotted, and we called security again. They couldn't find her, but we guess she figured out we knew she was there and took off. How weird, huh? Don't know why it's this company either.

So if I die under mysterious circumstances, you will all know the reason. The Crazy Lady of Eagle Rock came to get me. Ahhhhhh.

I think everyone should have a crazy person stalking them at work, it makes the day so much more interesting. Well, not really.
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