July 25th, 2003


Caesar was Mexican?

Have you seen the commercials about the new Taco Bell product?

It's basically a chicken caesar salad, placed on a tortilla, with crunchy 'red bits', (their name for it), put inside, wrapped up, then grilled to brown it. It's the latest new proud invention from Taco Bell, the makers of 'Gorditas' and 'Fajita burritos'.

I'm confused, since when was a caesar salad in a burrito ever Mexican?

I'm not Hispanic. Many of my friends are. They are Mexican even, (big shocker there, I live in LA). There are a bigillion Mexican food places here. And all my friends have mothers and grandmothers who have the most unbelievable cooking. Not once in all that food have I ever seen anything vaguely resembling a gordita or was ever covered in nacho cheese...ok, so perhaps that hinky taco truck down on the corner may not be advertising what sort of meat is used in it's asada burritos, but you know what, it tastes darn good. I don't ask. It's not given some psuedo Spanish name and plastered in bad marketing and passed off as good, fast food, Mexican. Gah!

I know that marketing is really targeted at white, middle american. White class, middle america is stupid enough to buy a salad in a burrito and call it real Mexican. I find that the middle class is seriously ignorant of any culture that they can't identify with on their computer screens. To them, Mexico is this place that contains nothing but lazy, illegal immigrants trying to come across the border and steal all our jobs and live off of their tax dollars. All Arab people are nothing more than terrorists, they seek to cause terror and destruction because Allah tells them so. And the stereotypes don't just stop there. Ask them about the Japanese, the Chinese, Africans, even some Europeans, and they will spout off whatever impression they have recieved out of 12-16 years of bad education or whatever social structure they can gather out of the plot of a 90 minute movie. The ignorance of middle class America is shocking, and they self-perpetuate this ignorance because they buy into all the marketing that is put in front of them, thus causing more of it to be created.

It drives me nuts.

Admittedly, we all have our misconceptions about other cultures, we can't help it if we are isolated from them. But these are people who don't have to be isolated, hell most can afford not to be. All it takes is a little openess and education. Talking to someone from those places, perhaps a visit. I can't believe we'd rather view the world through a 30 second television add or a visit to a cheap rip off restaurant.

I have these thoughts with my father, every time he tells me he won't come to LA because it's full of crazies. I neglect to remind him of the rednecks he lives with out in Missouri, and patiently try to remind him that you can't ever find out if a place is worthwhile unless you go and visit it. But he steadfastly refuses. Like a lot of middle class America, they like to stay safe in their own perceptions of the world.

Anyway, if you want real Mexican, go to the hinky burrito shop on the corner. Or go and eat a fish taco. I hear there's a great place here in Eagle Rock where I work, I've yet to find it, but I read about it in a magazine and people at work talk about it. But please, please don't buy into this chicken caesar crap. Mass marketing cultural food takes out the culture and just gives you indigestion.

OK Patric, I made my rant, I hope you are happy. :)
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The joy of college friends...

The joy of college friends is that no matter how far away you life or how many years go by with all the events that entails, you are still just 20 and stupid in their eyes. LOL I think college friends are the one place you can truly go home to.

I have a great group of friends. I don't talk to them nearly enough. They must hate me so. The Jewell gang, that's what I refer to them as, since we all went to William Jewell, it was convenient. And I miss them, a lot these days since I'm back at school and watching all my friends out here just sort of slip off into their own quite corners. It's rather lonesome, you know, being back at school and lacking my buddies to talk to. When I went to Jewell, I could always go to the dorm and find someone, usually Kari, around to go and bug. It was nice having little inside jokes that only we got, or being able to finish one anothers sentences, or stay up late at night watching really bad movies, or rolling down Browning Bowl. I don't know, I never took it seriously enough when I had it, and now I really miss it. *sigh*

Course we are all grown up now, what with people getting married and having babies. All of us have either moved on to jobs or more school. I hardly talk to most of the old gang anymore, mostly because we are all busy and just can't seem to manage it. And I moved to LA, and that tends to put a damper on going and seeing them frequently. But I get to go and see them all soon, and I can't wait to. I wonder if they even realize how much I really do miss them.

I don't regret my move, and I don't intend to return. LA is my home now, and unless I'm being hired for big bucks to move out there and do something that I'd like a lot, I'm not coming back. But at least I know that the gang is out there, and they are doing well, and I can go and bug them when I'm truly missing them. They were and still are probably the best friends I ever had, and I don't think I truly appreciated them enough until I moved away.

Not many people are lucky enough to have a circle of friends like that, even once in their lifetime. I haven't really found anything that has quite compared to it since, but then I don't think I want to, because I won't those guys to stay rigt were they are in my esteem and affection. So I might spend the rest of my life a lonely, curmudgeony, spinster with her books and her needlepoint, but at least I had one moment when I had people who cared for me and missed me a lot. And that's probably what matters the most.

Gah, I'm starting to sound all Walton's on people. Excuse me, I've lost my curmudgeony shell somewhere, must have left it at the dry cleaners. I beter go and fetch it.
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