July 24th, 2003


It's Two Topic Thursday!!!!!

Just because I can.

First topic: My handle is Beshter because I'm a girlie gamer dork. A) I like Angels, it's my one girlie fettish thing, I collect them and the like. I admit it. It's better than fucking unicorns. Anywho, Beshter is the Persian name used in referance to Michael, the Archangel. B) My favorite White Wolf city book is Constantinople by Night. My favorite Toreador is Michael, Patriarch of Constantinople, and one of his other names if Beshter. (Yeah, he thinks he's an Angel, if you were a several thousand year old Toreador you be off your rocker too.) So there, that's why my handle is Beshter. It's better than PiXieStArDuSt00101, don't you think.

Sorry, curious people wanted to know.

Anyway, to the topic I really wanted to discuss.

So I'm watching VH1's 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons. I'm hooked on the show, what can I say. And one of the commentators they have on there is Brittney Spears, (who I know is on that list somewhere, goddamn it!) Every time I look at her I want to throw something violently at the TV. And then SHE SPEAKS! Does the woman have a brain in her head? Why is she speaking? Has she ever had an intellegent thing to say? Why should she start now?

I'm sorry, Brittney offends me on a very fundemental level. She has no talent, period. She can't really sing, ok, she can dance, but so can a trained monkey. Her entire vocal range is created in a studio, or at least what she didn't pick up in that no-talent generator called Disney. And they are teaching young girls that this is what music is. That outrages me, who was raised listening to my mother perform in church, who grew up listening to truly great, classically trained singers. Even Broadway, there isn't an old movie musical I haven't seen. And then they compare this nasal voiced, whispy, weak throated bimbo to that. Besides which, half the time she sounds like a fucking phone sex operator. Gah!

OK, and then there is the whole 'image'. Fine, you want to 'grow up' which in modern times I suppose means you want to look like a whore and have 45 year old men drool over you. OK, so Christina did it, but she has that fun, devil may care, I-want-to-be-sexy attitude, and on some level , i respect her because she is just being who she is. Brittney goes from being 'virginal' teen queen to slut overnight, and says she's "growing up". Sorry girls, I hate to tell you that growing up has little to do with wearing skimpy clothes and using sexual innuendo. It gives young woman such a bad image. If I want to be a mature young woman, I have to be and act this way, because then older men like to look at me. No. Just be yourself, and if that is who you are, that's fine. Don't do it to gain attention or sell a record, for crying out loud.

I can't wait till this Brittney craze ends. We've held up some little teen queen to the status of icon, and all because she has nice tits and an ass. Well, she isn't the first, I suppose. But still, the fact that we give her creedance. Why do we listen to her. We should just tell her, "Shut up, people only like you because they like staring at your chest." Don't encourage her to speak, that just breaks the spell, because then we are reminded she is a moron.


I'm a frustrated musician, yes, I'm not exactly attractive, yes, but really, I have more brains and more talent in my pinky finger than she has, and she gets to be an Icon? How screwed up is this society?
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Well here's another waste of someones tax dollars...


In case anyone hasn't been to Kansas, if you've been there, you would know this. If you tried to party there, you would REALLY know this.

So then why are they waisting money on this study again? To prove that yes, Kansas is truly as sucky as it is? Sometimes, I wonder about scientists.

When I was younger, (OK, I was 18), I told my younger siblings that if you went to the tallest building in Kansas City, (where I was going to college at the time), you looked out west, straight across to the Kansas side, you would see the Rocky mountains, because it was SOOO flat across Kansas, there was nothing blocking the view. Sadly, they believes me. You know, I bet I could still get away with that. I do have a seven year old brother. Hmmmmm.

Someday, when I'm a college professor, I want to run a study on whether George Washington's horse actually took a piss at all the houses out east that everyone claimed George Washington has been to. I wonder if I can get funding for that.
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