July 22nd, 2003


And the war keeps going...


So I was never a huge fan of the war. My reasons were simple. I did not believe that the US had the right to bully it's way into a foreign country to topple a regime it disliked because of inconclusive evidence and personal self interest. While I'm not a huge fan of Saddam Hussein, September 11th gave me a keen awareness of how delicate out position as a 'world power' is, and that the way we handle foreign relations has to change, or we will be faced with more events like Sept. 11th. It's a problem that's been faced historically by many large powers, but it's one thing to look back in history and analyze that, it's another to be living in these times and seeing it happen. It gives you a decidedly unsettled feeling.

So anyway, I wasn't for the war, I don't believe it's the US's place to police the world, particularly if it's for our own self interests. This is how we get terrorist groups wanting to kick our ass, people. Sorry, just not much of an expanionist be force and political guile. So now we are in struggle, I wouldn't call it a war anymore, with Iraq. Why? Our initial reason was the infamous "Weapons of Mass Destruction". OK, that's a cause I can back, I don't want to see those kind of weapons getting into the wrong hands, (notice no one mentioned we were the ones who put those weapons in their hands to kill Iranians? Oooopppssss). So we are going to go stop them from using those nasty things. Well, so far, no weapons, and every evidence that they were either destroyed or in the process of being such. Now, they could have gotten sneaky and gotten them out of Iraq by other means, sold them to who knows, but the point was that they weren't there.

And now the CIA's data that they bandied about to the White House and State Department has proven false as well. The Iraqis weren't even buying the uranium we accused them off, and now we and the British have egg on our faces. I personally would like to see the CIA's ass kicked for this one, but it's never going to happen. So now we are left with a war raging in a foreign land as people are trying to make us LEAVE their nation, and we are kind of stumbling blind with a stupid look on our faces going, "Uhhh...what happened?"

Somehow I feel as if we were caught in a huge cosmic, practical joke by someone who knew exactly what buttons to push to set us all off. Boy did we take that bait. We are so wrapped up in our ideals of freedom, justice, and the American way, we blindly follow whatever flag is waved, and then stubbornly stand by our decisions even when it's proven we were wrong.

OK, first of all, I don't fault the troops, I think they are endlessly brave and I commend them for going into this situation. I couldn't possibly have the guts to go into a situation like this and do what they do. I hope they return soon. But I do question my leaders. Are they so blind to realize that we as a nation work on the biggest hypocrisies when it comes to how we deal with other nations? Do they even realize what fools they tend to make us look like, and then they get angry when other nations seek to attack us. I can't believe my government is that stupid at times, I can't, but then again, there was that little old thing called the Cold War.

Maybe with age I'll understand this. Maybe I'll get older and either I'll learn to accept it, or perhaps it will make a little more sense to me. I'm not a strategist nor am I a politician. But I know this all greatly disturbs me, and I really don't know how to fix it.

I wonder if it's worth fixing in the first place?
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