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New journal...

This isn't up and running just yet, but I've begun to work on my newest blog/journal, under the user handle 'bruinhistory'. This will be my history blog, or my 'history for dummies' as it were, (my play off the popular book series, not that people who don't like history are dummies). I'm still working on the details, but I hope to have it good to go in the next couple of weeks.

In other news, I DID work on my Latin, I hope to finish chapter three this week and four and five next. I realized doing a chapter a day is silly as there are only 26 chapters. So take it slow and it might stay in my head longer. In the meantime, I've found the Vulgate online, and might attempt to try and translate it at the end of summer to see how my skills are. It's the freakin' Bible, so it can't be too complicated for me, I will at least get the jist of most of it. Yet...we shall see. I'm only througn ELEMENTARY Latin, so there will be lots I don't get.

I'm still rather bummed at the moment, and I might just have to start sucking up and doing something I don't like doing...ugh. I'd rather stick a whole lemon in my mouth. The worry has me having bad dreams again. I had one about a person I dated long ago. I don't remember what it was about, save that I didn't want them there and they wouldn't go away. They only laughed at me as if I were mad and continued doing what they were doing. Hmmm....sounds like my family, actually.

I think I shall go for a bike ride when I get home. Every time I say I'll do one of my other exercises when I get home I never do. I walk in the door and sort of fall apart. Maybe a bike ride will help. Every other day. Let's hope I don't get hit by crazy ass motorists.

I need to load my Ipod with something new and different so I won't go crazy at work this week...more Pottercast! It will be kinda cool to see them and the Mugglenet people next week in Vegas. I hope I can stand the excited teenage girls. Oye. I'm too old and cranky for that. But it all should be cool. I can't believe I'm doing a HP convention. Woot!

Off to get dressed and head to the dungeon. *sigh*
Tags: history, vegas

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