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I need to stop obsessing on this....

So I got word on another bill tonight, one I was expecting at least. Still...I can't win here, it seems. I tried not to get upset about it, but I'm tired I suppose, and I let it get to me. Quit playing Bard's Tale, (of which I'm nearing the end), and instead chose to go upstairs, update Kizelbash, and generally feel sorry for myself as I worry.

Oh, and I had one little chocolate square of Belgian chocolate. Cause I had to do something to feel better and apparantly drinking two bottles of wine alone in my room isn't an option anymore. I swear, I did it ONCE and I'll never live it down.

I swear to God I'm never planning another nice vacation for myself as long as I live if this keeps up. It's inevitable, I plan a vacation, then everything falls about my ears.

I'm sounding pessimistic yes, chalk it up to the bad mood.

I'm more pissed about the fact I work so hard for a pittance is all. Blech.

Next year I'm so looking to apply at DR and work there while getting the grad school sit worked out. It's starting $29K, but hell, that's leaps above what I'm pulling in now.

Tags: money, vegas

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