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So much for lazy Saturday....

1) Went to breakfast in Sierra Madre with Randy and had a strange eggs benedict like dish at The Only Place in Town. It was tasty.
2) Drove to South Pasadena with Randy to help him get shoes for school at place on Mission.
3) Drove to Burbank to Fry's to get Randy digital camera for his portfolio.
4) Went to Porto's in Glendale to get pastries for party at Randy's friends' house.
5) Came home, enrolled in classes. Am short one of the classes cause it hits my limit. Will go on Monday to bitch at UCLA to get in. Means a drive to Westwood over my lunch.
6) Will work and work out. Want a nap.
7) Drive to Brea to go to Randy's friends' party.

That's today, tomorrow....

1) Wake up
2) Figure out how to fit two bikes in tiny Kia Rio
3) Drive to West LA to fetch Patric.
4) Go biking in Santa Monica
5) Hang out.
6) Try not to die of exhaustion.

I'm getting a bit disgruntled as what little free time I seem to be getting is not my own.

But I do get a day at Magic Mountain and Dodger Stadium soon, huzzah.

I should just take a weeks vacation to just be by me! No errands, no poking, no talking to anyone, just get my head on straight before I start running around like a headless chicken again.

Wish I could make people understand that sometimes.

Must start work now...sigh. Randy is downstairs watching Firefly. At least someone is happy.
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