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1) The William D. Ford Direct Loan office apparantly didn't realize I had been living in California for the last five and a half years.
2) They want $530 by the 14th.
3) They want that much because they had not contacted me with my new loan information.
4) The reason-see above.

So needless to say, I'm in a panicked fit, and am going to call and bitch at the Direct Loan folk in the morning. They can threaten all the want, but I'll get a supervisor on the phone and make them allow to pay it in bits, perhaps $400 off the next paycheck, and $135 off the one after that. This may or may not mean I can't buy school books, but I can live at the library for the following two weeks till I can figure out something.

Then, I'm going to bitch slap them for not sending me deferment papers like they were told to, and get all snippy about that too. How dare they disrupt my life yet again!



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